The Nave
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The lofty space that is the Nave is dominated by its font. This is the 'new' font, replacing a missing one in 1662! Magnificent though the font is, there are some other extraordinary features that shouldn't be missed. Perhaps most poignant is the Leper's window. In medieval times the unfortunate victims of this disease were allowed to observe Mass from outside through this slit.
On the West Wall is the ensign of the Merchant Marine and the Royal Coat of Arms of George IV, painted by John Hopkins. This wall also features a beautiful Delft plaque. This was presented to the church by the Dutch churches in recognition of the bond forged between Netherlands servicemen and Holyhead in World War II
Het tableau, te vinden aan de West Wall is een geschenk van de Nedelandse Strijdkrachten en gemakt van delfts-blauwe porseleinen tegels.